Back 4 Blood - Blue Dog Hollow

I was the lead environment artist in charge of the Blue Dog, Fort Hope, and The Abomination missions. I also oversaw the Manor missions.
This is Blue Dog Hollow : Bad Seeds. I got to take this map from blockout to finish. Most of my responsibilities was to set-dress but I did also get to do modeling of some secondary assets as well as fix and maintain others. The biggest challenge for this map was on performance, as it is a very wide map with LOTS of plants, and not a ton of visual blockers. I also fought hard to get some sunlight in this map, as it was originally supposed to be an overcast morning. I got to pull a lot visuals from my experience hiking and growing up around the Catskill Mountains of upstate New York.




Other Artists:
Farm House / Nest Props:
Set Dressing RV Safehouse:
Barns/Nest Props:
Set Dressing Farm house: Chad Elliott
Props and Cleanup: Brenton Hesse