The Last of Us: Part 2 - School WIP

Initial Environment Modeler - David Baldwin
Initial Environment Texture Artist - Heather Cerlan
Final Environment Modeler - Jonathon Ruland (All art shown here is pre Jonathon's work)
Final Environment Texture Artist - Liz Reddington (All art shown here is pre Liz's work)

I left Naughty Dog at the end of 2018. So all these are WIP shots during early production. This was one of the First levels arted in the game. It then went though a re-layout posses that I am happy to have been able to help with. I'm happy to see how it all came together in the end!

To check out the final look of the School level head on over to Jonathon and Liz 's Art station pages!

WIP - School - Hallway

WIP - School - Library

WIP - School - Cafeteria

WIP - School - Climb Out

WIP - School - Collapsed Room

WIP - School - Outside